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WELCOME BACK! Bishop's updated guidelines: Fully vaccinated need not wear masks; unvaccinated and at-risk encouraged to wear masks. Receive communion in hand, strongly recommended. Dispensation still.
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May 30, 2021

Mt 28:16-20

Earlier in the chapter, the women who encountered the risen Jesus have gone as he told them to share their good news and tell the eleven that they are to go to Galilee. They go, and he is there. Any doubt that they have is overshadowed by Jesus’ divine instruction. They are to go out and make disciples, not just of a chosen group but of everyone, everywhere.

It is through the Spirit, the outpouring of the perfect love of Father and Son, that I am drawn into the divine relationship.


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A spiritual reflection on the daily readings that help cultivate a pattern of daily prayer and a deepening relationship with God


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