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Facilities Planning for Parish Growth

to support our mission as faith-filled stewards in our community

All Saints New Facilities


March 2021: New Facilities updates and invitation to be part of our New Church Planning Team

All Saints New Facilities ministry team has been working with the Diocese of Raleigh's Business and Real Estate management team, receiving guidance and approvals of various steps of progress. These include finances (cost and how we plan to cover them), the building process (where we are and where we are headed), and how you can help with research and recommendations as we plan our new parish home, not simply for ourselves but for future generations.  Watch the video updates below.

Read about ways to be part of our new church planning team.  (PDF document)

Join All Saints' new-church planning team.  Click to respond now.

Msgr. Joseph shares a spiritual perspective on why we have a growth plan.

Dennis Murphy, member of the New Facilities Ministry Team and Parish Council Chair, provides an update on our growth plan.

Rick Spillane, New Facilities ministry team member, outlines where we are with our growth  plans with respect to finances, building preparation processes, and how you can be join the effort.


Jim Wartner, member of the New Facilities Ministry Team, provides an update on our growth plan.

Proverbs 28:18a tells us, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." We have the vision, notes Msgr. Joseph Ntuwa, to live a life worthy of the calling we have received, growing as disciples of Christ in the grace of the Eucharist -- and to expand our facilities so as to fulfill our mission.

November 2020 Growth and New Facilities Planning Update


Read about our Committed to Christ, Responding as Disciples stewardship initiative, which is a vital component of parish growth. 

August 2020 Growth Update

Read Msgr. Joseph's Letter and view Rick Spillane's video below

Read the New Facilities: August 2020 Update and 4th Quarter Review

Parish Growth is a result of our Baptismal Calling

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. -- Matthew 28:19-20a

New Facilities for our Growing Parish

Growing in the Grace of the Eucharist

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been discussing an undertaking that we began about six years ago … one that we must revisit now given that our parish is blessed with more than 1,000 family households and our need to continue welcoming an increasing number of faithful. Just as our predecessors in the parish planned 25 years ago in preparation for what we are facing now, so too we must do likewise to be good stewards in accommodating our needs now and in the future!

I recognize that many parishioners, especially those who have arrived in the last couple of years, may not be aware of the previous work done to plan for the growth. Over the next few months you can expect to see information via the bulletin, website, posters, small groups, etc. to provide you with a basic overview.

Laying the Foundation

Since Pender County’s population has grown 16.8% in 2010-2017, my predecessor, Father John Durbin, approached the Diocese about building new facilities on our existing Hampstead land. There were initial discussions and our Bishop looked favorably at expanding and improving our parish infrastructure. Those initial discussions resulted in a basic site plan approved by the Diocese consisting of: (1) a new church; (2) a new education and administration building; and (3) repurposing the current church into a hall for social and other events.

Vision, Organization, and Involvement

Vision, organization, and community involvement are integral elements to any development project such as the one we are embarking upon. Our vision is rooted in our mission and in the good work done six years ago by those who preceded us. They provided us with the framework for a sanctuary, multipurpose facility, and a social facility where our vibrant community can worship, grow in faith, and gather as a community in Christ. We endeavor to move this vision towards reality.

Renewing the Effort and Priorities with Your Help

I’ve established a new facilities team to advise me and the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils. At this point, I’ve asked them to validate the facility requirements and priorities developed during our initial effort six years ago and to decide how best to phase in the new facilities. To do that, we need your valuable feedback, so we will be putting out surveys in a variety of formats over the next few months to gather your thoughts and input. We encourage you to have your voices heard via these surveys.

Prayerful Planning

Our Pastoral Council is focused on this project and has a committee advising it on the myriad of details needed to move the project forward. We are organized, but need the time, talents, and treasure of our whole community to ensure that we make the best decisions that will support us into the future.

In the coming months we will be reaching out to ask for your assistance. Please pray and spend time in thoughtful consideration on how you might be able to make a contribution as you learn more about your new and repurposed parish infrastructure.

We hope very much to build a "consensus of excitement" on the future of our parish. Together we can grow in the Grace of the Eucharist!

Msgr. Joseph

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